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Texas Bishops Express Solidarity with Brother Bishops in Mexico

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We, the Catholic bishops in the State of Texas, wish to express our pastoral concern for the families and communities suffering the devastating effects of violence in Northern Mexico, and along the Texas border.

We wish to recall the historic ties of communion that have marked the relations between the bishops of Texas and the bishops of northern Mexico.

Early in the last century, when violence severely afflicted the border regions, the bishops of Texas and northern Mexico worked together to help our families and clergy alleviate the suffering.

In that tradition, and in a spirit of communion and solidarity, we ask our Catholic people and all people of good will to recognize that many innocent people, many struggling families, both Mexican citizens and United States citizens, are being affected by this violence.

Secondly, we wish to call attention to the fact that immigrant families coming from Mexico are increasingly coming to the United States out of a fear for their safety and that of their families; this is exacerbating the dimensions of the humanitarian tragedy that affects immigrant families.

We also wish to thank law enforcement and public safety officials, particularly US Border Patrol, for their work in keeping the violence from spreading further.

We ask Jesus, our Good Shepherd, to lead all through this dark valley of suffering. May the mantle of our Lady of Sorrows protect the lives and well-being of all those touched by the effects of criminal violence; and may we seek the grace to see the face of Her son in the visages of the innocent who suffer.

You can download a PDF of this statement here.

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